Nathaniel Eras is a multi-disciplinary artist, composer, and a cultural catalyst based in Los Angeles and Baja California. Current works include composition score for American feature films “Drunk Bus”, “How I Learned To Fly” and “Soldiers Heart”. Recent work includes music for A24’s Midsommar feature trailer, and “Behold A White Horse“ multi-media interactive installation at Kunsthalle Faust Hannover Germany.

On his last audio release 'Omniaglyph', Eras further averts any notions of genre diving headfirst into deeper, esoteric soundscapes and embracing the moodier elements that have punctuated his extensive catalog by pairing transfixing mystic beauty against a bleak, industrial sonic canvas. Taking an instinctual approach to his music, Eras' creative process merges sounds, patterns, and textures intending to open discussion and connect disparate musical ideas. With a zeal for noise, minimalism, and dizzying sense of rhythmic prowess - 'Omniaglyph' wields power with restraint reminiscent of the adventurous IDM beat science of Autechre and the gritty sound design of Lee Gamble or Demdike Stare. Riding the fine line between technique-focused drone squall and idea-propelled ambient explorations, Eras' latest is potent tangling Eastern world music elements with spectral electronics.

While much of 'Omniaglyph' is a solitary effort, there are collaborative experiments with live instrumentation featuring saxophone (Scott Page of Pink Floyd), electric viola (Kathia Rudametkin), and musique concrète tape loops (Ana Reptiliana). Eras also cites inspiration from performance art and rave culture, scenes in which he is deeply entrenched running the collaborative ephemeral art space Vertexx-io which has hosted some of Los Angeles' most interesting multi-disciplinary shows and underground parties in recent memory..


"Layering bubbling synths over hasty, syncopated drum beats, Eras creates a soothing, otherworldly soundscapes" FADER MAGAZINE "Los Angeles-based producer Eras creates the perfect mixture of indie and electronic pop. Inspired by futuristic composers like Claude Debussy and Erik Satie, he has managed to incorporate eastern vibes into the sound, lending an air of mystical to his melodies" NYLON MAGAZINE "This track is pure electronic bliss - an enchanting composition of icy synths and Alexandra Johnston's soothing vocals" THE BRVTALIST "For two minutes, the original "Angels" is weighted in an ambient glitch, a time loop of Hall in a self-fulfilling prophecy of dying, until Eras bursts the atmospheric sound into a frenetic state" IMPOSE MAGAZINE Maybe it’s a purity of inspiration, not purity of classification—and L.A. RECORD is happy to premiere the haunting “Shadows Roam,” L.A. RECORD “Eras paints the whole picture for you, so you can't say you haven't been warned.” IMPOSE MAGAZINE “It looms and sways as stuttering wails punctuate the steady beeping of the great engine’s life support system” ELECTRONIC BEATS をベースに活動する次世代トラックメイカーの”ERAS”ことNathaniel Eras。耽美でアンビエント、そして時折、垣間見せるダーティーでドープな世界観に波打つ緻密に入り組んだ卓越したビートスタイルを武器にインディーシーンを賑わせている。 FRAGILE JAPAN "ERAS is most exciting to me as representative of a strain of “pastoral futurism” that seems to resonate in the well-warmed not-pastures of LA and in the near infinity of balmy regions that spreads and thickens as you cross the western desert." SECRET DECODER MAGAZINE Nathaniel Eras, or to most ERAS, is a producer from the Los Angeles region who is expanding the boundaries of experimental electronic music in a way that deserves a lot of credit and attention" SOUND COLOUR VIBRATION "The electronic artist embraces the duality of vinyl—the first side explores new soundscapes, creating a lush, warm atmosphere, while the howling drones of the second side set a more sinister mood." THE DELI MAGAZINE.